viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015



I have many friends, but one of them is the most special person I have ever met. He's called Joaquin and he is really family to me. I can tell him everything and he feels he can tell me everything too.

He is tall, dark and he has green eyes. He loves football like me. With him, I can do many things, for example he can help me to study. He thinks that friends should help, So do I. He is an excellent students and In many things we are similar.

We met when we were just babies but we didn't spend much time together at first. We had the same friends but at first I didn't associate much with him. But after some time I realized now and I always with him.

We always playing football every weekend. That day, we never parted away. We keep in touch every week, we always play football the weekend. I am very similar to him in many things.  He likes football as me and he is very funny, but he isn't talkative.