martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015


Do some smells remind you of your childhood? What associationsdo they have?

The smell of petrol reminds me of when I was about four years old. I used to go to my father's job. I have always liked the smell because it reminds me of holidays with my father. If I close my eyes and smell petrol. In the afternoon, I went with my father his job, and I liked seing him how work.

What about sounds? Do some sound songs have strong associations for you -positive or negative?

Yes, certain songs bring back memories. For example, there's a Farruko song called Sunset. It was on the computer all the time in the summer of 2015. Also, any song by Daddy Yankee makes me think of my friends, because I am a big fan of his music and has made me listen to all his CDs.